Premier Automotive located in the town of Quispamsis is a family operated business.


By providing good old fashion customer service, Gerry Archer has gained a loyal following in the community and surrounding area. Customers trust him, and  rely on his technical expertise to keep their vehicles in peak running condition. He believes that the customer should be your number one priority.


The business has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement. Their referral's continue to be our largest source of new customers.

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Hints and Tips

Tracking True; Wheel Alignment
by Angie on 

Wheel Alignment is often over looked until there is a serious problem. A wheel can be knocked out by hitting a curb, pot hole or an accident. Worn suspension or steering components can also lead to alignment problems.

It is recommended that you have your vehicle aligned once a your, usually in the spring.

Signs of an alignment problems are:

  • Your car is pull to one side
  • Steering wheel is not centered when driving straight
  • Your tires are wearing rapidly or feather edged.



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